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Chapter #1: Tequilaaaaa!!!

A week with mexicans and germans.

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Hi you all, happy new year from Mexico, or better said, prospero año nuevo!!! i hope you started it in the best way, and that the rest if it will be awesome!

I've spent last week in Cuernavaca (Mex), with the german family of my girlfriend and the mexican one of the bride; the occasion was the wedding of my girlfriend's cousin, that I actually missed for a few days but that apparently was really great! I got nevertheless to experience some of the mexican lifestyle thanks to the hosting family, and I did enjoy it a lot!

Mexico is definetely different than I expected. Quite naively, i thought I would find Speedy Gonzales and people wearing a sombrero all the time on one side, and on the other drug dealers shooting a each other on every street. Well that's exaggerating, but you know what I mean... instead, for the small area that I could cover, I found a very relaxed and easy country, very much americanized, with extremely friendly people. Of course you can easily encounter what I mentioned above if you look for it, but that just a small piece of the country. What I will remember about this very short experience in Mexico are a few things: for sure tortillas&co: you can fill them with whatever you want and they become tacos, you can have a different paste and fill it with cheese and you have quesadillas, and so on. The point is you have them in the morning, at lunch and for dinner - I could still eat and enjoy them, but I know a few people that got kind of sick after two weeks. Rightfully. Second is Las Estacas, a river/water park that is born from a natural spring at 1000m, in which we swam the 1st of January - definetely different than the snowy mountains that I've been used to see the very same day for years. Weird, but beautiful. Third is Teotihuacan, a complex of temples in the north of Mexico City, home of an amazing civilization some centuries BC. I wish I could upload some pics to make you understand the fascination I had watching the Avenue of the Dead and The Sun Pyramid, from the Moon pyramid, but... I forgot the cable to transfer them from my camera. I'll find a solution as soon as possible.
(p.s. found it!)


It was a similar feeling to when I visited Angkor Wat in Cambodia, one of those things that take your breath away! Fourth, something funny: due to the former production facilities of VW in Mexico, there is a great number of these cars in Mexico, but nothing compared to Taxco: all the taxis are old white VW beetles, and all the buses are old white VW buses, like the ones I've been dreaming to have with my bro and friends for our surftrips. Damn I wish I could show you the pics of this as well... just stay tuned and I'll post them =)


Tomorrow I'll fly to Quito, capital of Ecuador, and the day after to the Galapagos Island! Over there, I'll try to find a last minute offer for a 5-day tour or more, and discover one of the greatest places on earth to observe an amazing fauna! Considering that as a child I wanted to be a biologist/zoologist, I'm sure I'll have a great time!

Stay tuned and cheers!!!

P.s. O forgot the great Gruetas de Cacahuamilpa! breathtaking.


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Chapter #0: Prologue

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So, here we go: the first entry of my blog about my travel around the world.

I wanted to write a few lines before leaving Switzerland, to explain exactly what is going to happen. As many of you know, I will leave tomorrow for a 8-months trip circumnavigating (I love this word, sounds so Jules Verne's Around the World in Eighty Days) the whole globe. I decided to do it simply because it has been my dream since forever, and I decided to do it now because I just finished my student life. I've been saving for years, I've tried to work a bit to increase my budget, and here I am now: I've got time, and a little amount of $$$.

I had to buy the ticket already around August earlier this year, and I decided for one of those "round-the-world" tickets offered by the 3 main alliances, in my case One World as it better covers my planned route. If you wanna have fun and plan a fake (maybe real?) world tour, check their websites and get a feeling of it: Star Alliance or One World.

My first stop will be Mexico.
Next ones will be: Ecuador & Galapagos, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina (down to Terra del Fuego), Antarctica, Chile & Eastern Island, French Polynesia, Auckland (NZ), Sydney (AUS), Japan, South Korea, China, Nepal and India. I will update the map above accordingly while I travel.

What I am extremely looking forward are three places: the Galapagos, a bunch of islands out in the Pacific Ocean, where Darwin got inspiration for his evolution theory thanks to the variety of animal species; Antarctica, a very often forgotten but fascinating continent, which I plan to reach with a last-minute cruise down from Ushuaia (the tip of South America); and Japan - I'm in love with their culture, old and new, and I just cannot wait to be there!

Many think 8 months is a long time, but for the route I've planned they are really short, so I'll have to be always on the move if I wanna make it to the end, planned for August. I also think that you can only understand a country if you stay there long enough, but I wanted to complete the "round" at least once.

But why do I travel I got asked a few days ago? I've come up with 3 reasons:
1) Because once you do a first travel as I did a few years ago in Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar you just realise that you cannot stop! There is so much to see, and I wanna see it all! I have to satisfy my never-ending curiosity about what's out there, about the different landscapes I'll try to capture with my camera, about the different people I'll talk to, and about the various cultures I'll try to approach, and hopefully get a feeling of.
2) Because I know it is going to be an experience that will change my life. I'll grow as a person, and in my perspective, I'll grow into something better. Being open to the world is an amazing feeling, it just makes you feel good.
3) Why not? =P

So, that's it. Tomorrow I'll leave and try to make everything I've mentioned above become reality. I would love to share my experience with you and that's why I've created this blog: to keep in touch with you all! I will appreciate every way of getting in touch with me through commenting on the blog, writing me at giacomo.cattaneo@me.com (preferably) or via facebook (I'll try to stay as away as possible from it, but I'll check it from time to time). Let me know how things are going =)

I wish you all a wonderful year to come, and may your dreams become as true as mine is doing right now =)

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